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Habitat Gardening: Tips for Developing a Good Habit

Habitat gardening—until about 15 years ago, that was a term and concept that had eluded me. Now, it’s a way of life. I simply refer to it as gardening for birds, bees, butterflies, and bugs. As a habitat gardener, I’ve learned to … Continue reading

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You CAN Have an English Cottage Garden

My article first appeared on the Sonoma County Master Gardener website a few years ago. It’s still relevant today as we enter our fourth year of drought here in Northern California. It’s a long article, but if you love English … Continue reading

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Secret Garden Sanctuary

Visualize an almost-secret space in your garden, a secluded sanctuary, even spiritual, where you can sit, stare, sleep, think, read, or sip tea. Everyone deserves such a secluded spot. And it must be a separate place where you cannot see … Continue reading

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A Gardening Ooops

Anyone can over-plant–by accident or design. In downsizing from a rural six acres to a town one-third acre, I forgot to think small(er) in the garden. After all, we had already taken 13 pickup truckloads’ of yard trimmings and debris … Continue reading

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Letting Go

Living in a place for 16 years is plenty of time to develop deep roots and friendships. My gardens grew wildly with my encouragement. I invited what some would call “weeds” into my garden–Queen Anne’s Lace, Wild Radish, and Fennel. … Continue reading

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Rosemary Blue

I love the blue, but rosemary is so much more than just an appealing color. It’a a fragrance and a texture, too, and it’s been in full bloom for more than a month, the early daffodils for about 2-3 weeks. … Continue reading

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Oh, Those Oreganos!

Why do I love the oreganos? Because some are meant to be admired, some are meant to savor and season. When walking through the garden, I brush up against an oregano or pull the leaves off a stem, and the … Continue reading

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