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We Write What We Know…or Not

We write what we know (or see or hear). That’s the writer’s motto cliché. It’s true. In looking back at all my writing, I can see that there’s a bit of me in everything, published or not. Not major things, … Continue reading

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Color My Garden

I like color in my garden–red, purple, blue, some orange. Vibrant. Brilliant. Butterfly- and hummingbird-attracting. Bees, too. So, this year in my new, evolving garden I tried something different. I sowed Flanders poppies all over, along with some red clover, … Continue reading

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Butterfly Gardens Are Easy!

My upcoming book is entitled The Dead Butterflies Diary. I’ve always been drawn to butterflies and so has Betsy, the little girl in the book who is determined to find out who killed all the butterflies in the garden and … Continue reading

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Mrs. Feeny & the Grubby Garden Gang Have Arrived!

There she is, Mrs. Feeny. There they are, Kelly, Sara, Brad, Josh, and Buddy. I waited for them to arrive, and they finally did–in my new book, Mrs. Feeny and the Grubby Garden Gang.             … Continue reading

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