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Habitat Gardening: Tips for Developing a Good Habit

Habitat gardening—until about 15 years ago, that was a term and concept that had eluded me. Now, it’s a way of life. I simply refer to it as gardening for birds, bees, butterflies, and bugs. As a habitat gardener, I’ve learned to … Continue reading

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You CAN Have an English Cottage Garden

My article first appeared on the Sonoma County Master Gardener website a few years ago. It’s still relevant today as we enter our fourth year of drought here in Northern California. It’s a long article, but if you love English … Continue reading

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Three Sisters Gardening is Real

Meet the Iroquois “three sisters” of gardening: corn, squash, and beans. A long time ago, the Iroquois knew that those vegetables could happily grow together in a single mound.  In my upcoming book Three Sisters Garden, they are known as Cara, Sara, and … Continue reading

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Color My Garden

I like color in my garden–red, purple, blue, some orange. Vibrant. Brilliant. Butterfly- and hummingbird-attracting. Bees, too. So, this year in my new, evolving garden I tried something different. I sowed Flanders poppies all over, along with some red clover, … Continue reading

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Wild Mustard Fills Fields

It’s a glorious sight in February–fields and vineyards brimming with yellow mustard. Some people call it a weed because it grows in ditches, roadsides, and other unwanted places. Others call it a wildflower because it’s wild and it flowers. And … Continue reading

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Milkweed a Monarch Favorite

Because Monarch butterflies love milkweed, I do, too! I have two species in my garden, deliberately to attract the king of butterflies. Bees flock to it also. One is Asclepias speciosa, or showy milkweed, treated by the English “as a garden … Continue reading

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