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Steampunk Revealed: Part III

Certainly steamers are not to be confused with Goths, the subculture that dresses in long black coats with buckles and chains, heavy spiked boots, black-dyed hair, and makeup of white foundation, heavy eyeliner, black fingernail polish, and unusual piercings. Perhaps … Continue reading

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Steampunk Revealed: Part II

It appears that steampunk has moved from the literary into films, clothing, hairstyles, jewelry, and rock bands. On http://www.steampunk-music.com, bands from The Aeronauts and The Clockwork Dolls to Pocketwatch and The Unextraordinary Gentlemen are listed, among hundreds. Associations, clubs, websites, … Continue reading

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Steampunk Revealed: Part I

My writers’ group, Redwood Writers (a branch of the California Writers Club), is conducting a Steampunk writing contest this spring. What? Who? Never heard of it! Steampunk? That’s the inevitable reaction I get when I inform people about the contest. Steam … Continue reading

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THIRST: An ode to hummer, monarch, and drought

THIRST High-spirited hummingbird thirsty and parched searches unceasing for moisture so scarce  flies to the fountain for droplets of froth soars through the sprinkler for a sip on the fly inspects a curled leaf to drain hidden dew grabs a … Continue reading

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No Garden-Variety Romance!

So you think you know about Romance? Boy meets girl, falls for girl, marries girl. While reading and reading up on the “Romance” genre, I’ve had some real eye-opening moments, or, eye-popping moments. Holy cow! Romance plots are fairly straightforward, … Continue reading

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16 Sessions of Authors, Agents, Playwrights, Poets

You can’t beat the Redwood Writers in Sonoma County CA when it comes to putting on a good writers’ conference or workshops! If you’re an author or wannabe, our next conference on April 26, 2014 is for you. Please save … Continue reading

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Kidlit Café Critiquers Produce Books

At least five books, with more on the way, have come out of our critique group, Kidlit Café, made up of all children’s  authors. (See our covers below.) We created our name when we began meeting in the Border’s Books’ Café … Continue reading

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